Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries

No, I didn’t exhibit anything there (actually, I’m not even British!… if that even matters). Last Sunday, using bad weather in my favour, I decided to visit Mall Galleries to see this exhibition. I had seen some stuff on Facebook and was quite curious.

First of all, I must admit I’m a complete ignorant about art societies and how they work… are they closed groups of artist friends? Do they pay anything to someone, like a leader of the pack or something? Or are they just mafias? Being away from any scene, this is a complete mistery to me…

In general I enjoyed it, sculptures really caught my eye, and even more, I think the best part of the exhibition was most of the watercolours displayed. I must mention beautiful works by Chris Myers, Arthur Lockwood, Martha Zmpounou… Some oils were really good, apart from the typical landscapes and flower pots there were great portraits and more contemporary pieces. And the amazing etching “Puppet Master” by Martin Langford, absolutely beautiful.

The thing is, I still don’t know how art societies work , probably I will never know but it’s not that it won’t let me sleep. Anyway, this exhibition was quite cool. There are some pieces I didn’t really like but I’ll stick to the positive side, which was larger, brighter and beautifuler.

(By the way, this large -and beautiful- tryptic is by Alexander Fox-Robinson).

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