Natalia Goncharova

This was what I call “an unexpected item in bagging area”. The same day I visited the Tate Modern to see the exhibition “Magic Realism” (see previous post), my friend Andonis called me offering to give a good use of his membership and invited me to see this one. Being a complete stranger to Goncharova’s work, I accepted and, to be honest, I wouldn’t expected to enjoy it as much as I did. Quoting the museum’s leaflet, Goncharova was a Russian painter, print-maker, illustrator and fashion designer born in 1881.

Being part of an aristocratic family, she didn´t feel comfortable with the standards and rules of high society, and preferred to stick to her artistic side. Her art kept evolving constantly, from a very naïve approach to a cubist-modernist-futuristic style, which I particularly enjoyed. She was also pretty talented designing theatre costumes and clothes, however most of her graphic work was (in my humble opinion) her best legacy. My favourite piece in all the exhibition was her “Cyclist”, simply gorgeous.

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