Magic Realism at Tate Modern

Perfect plan for a Friday evening. When everyone goes to the pub after work (don’t worry, I’m actually having a little drink at home tonight) I decided to visit Tate Modern to see this exhibition, which I’ve postponing forever.

I was really curious about it and it didn’t disappoint. With VERY few exceptions, the vast majority of the pieces displayed is fantastic.

The acrobat Schulz V)
Albert Birkle

The exhibition is about German art during the Weimar Republic (between both wars), including a variety of works in oil, tempera, mixed media, ink, etching and drypoint.

Lady with Red Scarf
Rudolf Schlichter

It starts with a series of etching/drypoint works by Otto Dix, but soon we access the next rooms with spectacular portraits and urban landscapes. in a variety of styles and something that got my attention, loads of colour, considering the dark period during which these pieces were created. This one, “Magdalen with Pearls in her hair” by Lovis Corinth was one of the exceptions in the exhibition; where most of the pieces were extremely colourful, blended and “flat”, this one shows wild impasto strokes, pale tones and volume. To be appreciated from certain distance.

But what I really, really enjoyed were all the paintings by Albert Birkle, like these two, “The Hermit” and “Crucifixion”. Definitely my favourite ones, full of colour and darkness at the same time,.

Funnily enough, being an atheist the part of the exhibition that I paid the most attention to was the section dedicated to Faith. But these two in particular just made me fall in love.

In general, a magnificent free exhibition, I’m happy I was in time for seeing it.

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