Blue – A Sensorial Performance


This is the first time ever that I queue to get in a church. But there was a good reason for that. The Swiss Church in London was hosting “Blue – A Sensorial Performance”, a one-night-only event organised by Angela Tursi and Marina Chichi.

I’ve been friends with Marina for the last few years and I know she’s a kickass photographer, so whatever she does, I’m in. But this review is totally unbiased (hard to believe coming from me, I know). 
“Blue” is a hypnotic show that takes us to other realms depicted in Marina’s pictures, rocked by Angela’s gracious notes at the piano. Izabela Karamon accompanied them, reciting some verses inspired by Kandinski’s theories, synesthesia, connections between colour, sky, music, sea and soul.

The three of them, muses dressed in blue, delivered a magnificent show, ethereal, sometimes dramatic, sometimes delicate, but consistently feminine, passionate and inspiring. 
There were some minor issues (mostly related to the Swiss Church’s natural lighting) but, despite of that, I honestly hope there will be more chances to see “Blue”, for it’s an absolutely magical experience. 

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