I only use first brand materials of professional quality, paying special attention to lightfastness (resistance to light). However, common sense is always required, so if we want any piece of art to last decades (or generations), it’s recommended to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.
I usually sign all my work on the front of the painting, whether visible after framing or not.

For my fine art pieces I use generic but high quality frames on delivery. The aim of these frames is to protect the pieces, rather than embellish them. Even though the design of frames is pretty neutral, some customers decide to change them according to their personal taste and style. Doing this is always under the customer’s responsibility, and by no means any of my pieces will be guaranteed if removed from their original frame. For this practice I recommend the pieces being handled only by professional experts, still at the customer’s own risk.

I take on commissions of any subject matter; Even though I specialise in human portraits, I’ve also worked on commissions for pets, nudes, urban, still life, also illustrations of different nature. I work in such an array of media: oil pastel, mixed media, watercolour, colour pencils, charcoal, soft pastels, graphite, ink…

Depending on the commission and my schedule, delivery times and prices may vary, also depending on other factors like size, media. Please contact me for more information about prices, initial deposits and any other questions.

I usually work from reference pictures, as long as the quality of the reference material is acceptable and the subject(s)’s features clear enough. You will be required to provide these pictures (I’ll return them upon delivery). You will always participate in the selection of the reference materials, not being restricted to just one picture.

Up to two corrections will be accepted only at the first stage of the process, as long as they affect composition and minor adjustments. Any subsequent request will imply an extra charge, variable depending on the circumstances.

I know it’s not all about the money but… even though I’ve participated in different charity projects in the past, that is rather an exception and by no means a rule. Art should always be considered a respectable trade, therefore paid as any other profession would require.