I started showing an interest in art at a very early age, under a constant influence of comics and cartoons (which lasts until today). As most kids do, I started drawing copying from those comics along with my grandfather’s artwork. He had passed away before I was born, but was also a big influence as I found his sketchbooks hidden in a cupboard, along with the reference books I guess he learned from.

One of my earliest memories was from when I was 5. I  was fascinated by Johannes Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press and anything that could make a mark on paper; even though I was never the greatest student at school, I did have a genuine interest in art, languages and music classes. All of this came to a stop though when I became an orphan at 11.

Being forced by distant relatives to change my goals and ending up studying to be an admin slave, my rebellious teenage years saw me playing bass guitar and singing in darkish synth/rock bands and building a very questionable (and not really fructiferous) music career in the Spanish underground scene, whilst enjoying a constant succession of varied and often depressing jobs. I still managed to do some artwork for those bands, some fanzines and the occasional leisure sketch, but it wasn’t until I moved to London in my late thirties, when I realised that no adult could stop me then and resumed my relationship with art.  

I’m mostly self-taught and away from any art scene, therefore my influences come from different sources: from the Old Masters to Picasso, Alphonse Mucha, Sorolla and of course a legion of comic and manga artists (Alex Ross, John Byrne and George Perez on the top of the list), I also keep an eye on current -established or emerging- artists I follow on social media or know in person whom I learn from and equally admire.  And somehow none of these influences shows in my artwork. Or that’s what I think.

TV, cinema and pop culture have been big influences too: from every mecha anime show to Wim Wenders, Power Rangers or Rupaul’s Drag Race, everything fits in and nurtures me.

Music is a constant in my life, especially post-punk and unhappy music in general. Recently I’ve realised that I associate each of my pieces to one artist/band in particular when I’m working on them: John Grant was the soundtrack during the making of my “Goliath’s mercy”; my “Rise of Prometheus” was done under the effects of Daniel Knox’s music, and so on.

I love experimenting with different art supplies, from graphic and illustration tools to paints in general. Recently, I’ve added digital art to the list. All this, along with my diverse influences, puts me somewhere between illustration and fine arts. I also try not to stick to any trend in particular, which allows me to change my style regardless of the current tendencies in art.

Lastly, if you’re still reading this, thank you! Please explore my website, I hope you find something you like. And feel free to send me a message if you want to purchase any of my original pieces or if you want us to work together.

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